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harue_hanmadi's Journal

하루에 한마디
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Hello, welcome to the 하루에 한마디 community!
  • 하루에 한마디!
      하루(haru) means "one day" or "a day", and 한마디(ham'ma-di) means "a single word" or "a short saying". Together, they mean "One saying a day". I had originally intended on creating a community to share random but frequently used korean vocabulary, but a_word_a_day was taken, and other korea words meaning "vocabulary" were not very easy to spell out in roman characters (such as: 낱말(naht-mahr), 단어(dahn-uhh)). So eventually, I settled for 하루에 한마디, even though this community will mostly feature vocabulary.

  • One word a day!
      The goal of this community is to feature one korean word or saying everyday. Yes, something new to learn everyday! If you are fairly familiar with Korean, I encourage you to try to use the vocabulary of the day to make up any sensible or wacky sentences and post it as a comment.

      Here is the layout of a Korean Keyboard:

  • Most importantly, have fun! :)